Get Ready Testo

Testo Get Ready

(feat. D.C.P.)

Get Ready Get Ready Get Ready - playa huh - homie what
All U Thugs Get Ready - all the clubbs get ready
Bussin sluggs get ready - playa huh - homie what
East coast get ready - dirty south get ready
West coast get ready - playa huh - homie what
Fed up wit you thuggs - goin head up wit you thuggs
Can't let up on you thuggs, ready to mash on you thuggs

[Verse One]
Quit runnin wit dose killers and thuggs
I'll trade you love fo dem sluggs
Wit dese petti cats slangin dey druggs
Dey say dey love you, I know
But all dey want is the dough
And if you mess up
Still want it Rain Hail Sleet Snow
And all out playaz n thuggs
You got dese girls in dese clubbs
On the floor shakin it up, lost needin some love
Rappers die in the field, claimin dey keep it real
Got yo glock wit yo dropp, baby packin the steel
I rather be in God's will, while dey plottin to kill
You can't adjust to the truth, I'm a still be keepin it real
Na tell me what you thuggs beleivin, got mothers grievin
Squeezin gats, leavin 'em flat, fo no reason
Not even breathen, like you ready to ball
You rather slide down a mountain full blades, in some alcohol
Kiss a Parona, Dis-ra-spectin yo momma
No no fear fo yo life, say you be back on Manyanna


[Verse Two]
I was sent by God n gotta message fo yo thuggs
You ain't feelin me huh - dat's why you steady bussin sluggs
Leavin 'em dead in dey blood - got mommas feelin like what
But Jesus shedd his own blood n you claim to be a thugg
You a coward dat's why you steady packin a steel
You a coward dat's why you leavin 'em dead in the field
You a coward I know son you claim you keepin it real
Maken dem mills you live n you die fo the scrill
Forget you rappers dat won't hear me
I bring it real, see you laughin n jokin like it's a game
But you gone feel me
Da times I be feelin the fire yo Holy Spirit
Da reason I'm droppin, I know dat you thuggs gone feel it
See the thugg in yo eye, so I gotta reply
You betta listen to me son, you ain't ready to die
To look my Lord up in his eye, n ya gotta tell 'em why
You waste yo life gettin high, so now you gotta fry
Bye Bye
So was it worth it wit yo homies pufin lah
Or wit dese girls up in the clubbs
While you all between dey thighs, na why
Claimin dat you ready to ball
You rather slide down a mountain full of blades in some alcohol
Girls up in dis thang, U's a queen up in dis thang
Don't loose yo dream up in dis thang, fo the cream up in dis thang
Said you tired of sheddin tears, with homies dats catchin years
When you ready to make a change, (Say Homie) we right here


[Verse Three]
You cat's gone see the flames
Fo sellin yo soul in dis game
Son you need to read the Word, so you can learn to maintain
It's like all the weed you smoke got you loosin yo brain
Talkin bout killin babies, I think really insane
All you cowards be hittin, deficatin when you spittin
Split tongue like a serpent, leave 'em dead before dey bittin
I use to run in bedstuy n wilin puffin on Laah
I got lockdown on the islin were you gettin no smiles