Swerve Testo

Testo Swerve

[Boosie in the background]
Swerve, swerve, swerve, swerve, swerve, swerve, I swerve
Swerve, swerve, swerve, swerve, swerve, swerve, swerve

[Webbie: over Boosie's voice]
Swerve right, swerve left, swerve right, I swerve left
Swerve right, swerve left, swerve right..

[Chorus 1: Boosie]
You ain't never had shit (yeah)
Swerve on 'em
For your daddy in the pen (yeah)
Swerve on 'em
Actin bad off that gin (what)
Swerve on 'em
Hit his block and act again
Fuck you nigga swerve on 'em

[Verse 1: Boosie]
Now you might catch me on the interstate (I-10)
Actin bad
Hoes hollerin there he go
Who? Boosie bad ass
And these fools know I keep that thang (I keep that thang)
There go that boy spinnin hard (yeah)
From lane to lane
Don't play no games
Cause I'll make you out a demonstration (a demonstration)
Why you swervin cause they hatin
Why they hatin cause you makin
This cash dog (big money)
It's Hatch dog who you thought it would be
If you ain't buckin to the ceilin you ain't rollin with me
I got this swervin shit from back in the days (back in the days)
When niggaz on them pcp's made you get out they way
People hollerin why you act like this (why boo)
Is it them pills? Hell noooo it's this savage shit
That I done lived
Keep it real you be swervin too (swervin too)
If your shit spinnin
About a thousand hoes done hurdled you
That dirty do
Anything to attract them hoes (check them out)
Hang out the window with they shirt off throwin up them 4's
This how it goes
You by the club swerve
You with your girl swerve
A nigga mug swerve
All my thugs swerve

[Chorus 2: Boosie]
You ain't never had shit (unh unh)
Swerve on 'em
For your daddy in the pen (unn huh)
Swerve on 'em
Actin bad off that gin (yeah)
Swerve on 'em
Hit his block and act again
Fuck you nigga swerve on 'em

[Verse 2: Webbie]
I'm goin 55 in the burbon straight swervin
With a high yellow fine virgin and we swervin
Hollerin I'm a fool boy ya heard me straight swervin
A nigga behind me in the excursion and he swervin
Hit the parkin lot by the club just swervin
Headlights shinin on my dubs while I'm swervin
I keep an old pistol on my lap while I'm swervin
Just in case I have to peel a cap while I swerve
I play the 6 by 9's with the slap while I'm swervin
I gotta have the killa and the yak while I'm swervin
A four or five hunderd dollar stack big swervin
Smokin on some doesha early Monday and I been swervin since Thursday
Red bones in the back got me swervin
Shit I done took my eyes up off the road when I was rubbin on that cat
Doin it big like that nigga swervin
It's all good we on the map Baton Rouge where you at swerve

[Chorus 2 x2]

[Verse 3: Boosie]
This for my dogs in penitentiary (in the pen)
Who holla shit like gutter gutter when you mention me
And Hennessy
Man that hen got me swervin crazy (swervin crazy)
I saw a dime turned my head and almost hit a lady
Slow down baby
With lil bleet hollerin in the back (in the back)
I'm in my sts lil jr in my other lac
Don't fuck with Hatch
Cause I'll hit you with that nina ross (that nina ross)
It's on your head bitch you dead I'll pay the cost
Cause I'm a boss
In the South side of Baton Rouge
Where niggaz swervin on them 20's and them 22's
We act a fool
Back in the game I used to go to dreams (dreams)
In my firebird on them choppers with them fuckin screens
sippin that lean
Actin like I never had shit
Bust your head in traffic
I'll wrap you up in plastic
Show your ass magic
Abrah kadabrah kadoo here go lil boo
This verse for all my hoes who be swervin too
SSB swerve (bottom)
UPT swerve (top)
Park T Easy T CC serve
Fairfield swerve
Sherwood swerve
Every hood in Baton Rouge it's all good swerve

[intro x2]

I never had...swerve
This for my daddy...swerve
I'm gettin cash...swerve
I act a ass...swerve


swerve on 'em then