U Ain't Bout What U Be Talkin' Bout Testo

Testo U Ain't Bout What U Be Talkin' Bout

[Lil Boosie: Talkin]
Boosie bad ass(bad ass)
U ain't bout what u be talkin bout(bitch ass nigga)

[Verse 1: Lil Boosie]
U ain't bout that murda murda shit
U ain't down to lose yo cool and go and hurt a bitch
We got them hook ups on them rentals now we murkin shit
Tinted up spinnin spinnin let that 30 spit
Bitch do want fuckin family in black clothes
The bitches in black dresses the niggas in black vo's(u ain't know)
I'm cut throat Kinival imma buy the bar survival
Sip syrup and smoke fire and i'm wilder(than an average thug)
I'm hard headed my momma told me that
And u got to be real all this drama showed me that
Lose yo mind if u want to(if u want to)
I gotta click of real niggas who gon stomp u
And want u to be hollerin bout that iron plate(that iron plate)
And we gon hit yo street tonite and not the next day
The Tec spray nigga don't worry bout that
They gon get what they deserve bout that
We gon cut down they whole curve bout that

[Chorus x2: Lil Boosie]
U ain't bout what u be talkin bout(uhn ahh)
U ain't ready for yo momma to be walkin out(uhn ahh)
That big ass church wit all yo people cryin hollerin bout(hollerin bout)
Why u had to take my son thats what them choppas bout(is u bout that boy)

[Verse 2: Webbie]
U ain't really bout that shit u be talkin so quit that talkin ya heard me
Quit that talkin and walkin if u gon serve me then serve me
Now i'm young trill entertainment so know one thang i ain't worryed
Cause my family do damage business ain't handled its murda
Niggas sweeter than skittles so they spittin in riddles
See that little shit u be spittin gon have u sleep in hospitals
And if u beef wit my niggas we gonna really squad up
From choppas to a 6 bitch u can't avoid us
Rappin bout smokin that killa don't even smoke killa
Even if u did i wouldn't even smoke witcha
Ya bitch ya fraud ya fake ya muthafuckin fluke
Pussy all wet ya fuckin booty all loose
U and them other two niggas duck duck goose
Under the throwback jersey the vest bulletproof
Gangsta shit jump off boy u know u finna run out
Close yo fuckin mouth fore i rip yo damn tongue out

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Lil Boosie]
U ain't bout layin under a nigga house like a mouse
And u light his ass up when he come out(when its a drought)
We get sick wit it u heard about lil Trell
Gunned downed when he was 12 ever since then its been hell
And Webbie they don't live like we live(fuck no)
They don't deal like we deal they ain't real like we real
Look i'm from that track like that bottom of that SSB
Whateva u call it that shit lives in me them niggas kill for free
Like lil Trell on the lum
Cause u niggas ain't my equal and they hatin on this lil thug
A lot of niggas scared of y'all but not me
This for them niggas in rap game who knock me but can't stop me
And my posse is full of thugs
Like Headbussa baby Junior and my nigga Jug
We dumpin slugs on a enemy
I thought u was my closest friend but now on u just a friend to me
And this fuckin penetentary make niggas think they real
But when they get out they got a nerve to pop a pill(but look here)


[Lil Boosie: Talkin]
They ain't bout what they be talkin bout u know what i'm sayin
Niggas be rappin niggas be spittin but they ain't never do none of that shit
So u don't get no cool points from Boosie(believe that)
They don't get no cool points from me