Remember Testo

Testo Remember

I love you
You love me
Walk with me
Girl talk to me
Be down for me
Wait around for me
Care for me
Be there for me
I remember when they first kiss
I remember when they first wish
I remember when they first dance
I remember when they first chance

Repeat 1x

I remember the first time we met you was quiet as kept
Cubic dimples hair done in barrettes
Charc carmel
a keep a secret never tattle tell
We been holding our own
never get mad and tell
Someone who would ride with me
Be on my side with me
Be a friend
Spend time with me
three wheel motion
wide open
you under ocean
Big teddy bears
Cotton candy every where
We can do this thing everyday every year
Come on and talk to me
Now walk with me
Think about it
This how it ought to be


Riding on swings
Giving you candy rings
The more I think about it
The more candy I bring
Going on school trips
I make sure I sat where you sit
With my radio playing music
New romeo my exclusive
I'm the one everybody saying the truth is
I'm bout slushing
all sunday
Lets see how much we can do it monday
Bring some frenzlo
I got the souljas with me
You can bring your sister
I got my uncle with me
After school prom
Taking posters with me
The new king and queen
You suppose to hold it with me