The Girlies Testo

Testo The Girlies

[Lil' Romeo]
They call me Romeo, soldier boy
Coma te llamo, ya heard
Throw em up, lets do this
Throw em up, throw em up, throw em up

[Chorus: Lil' Romeo and (Girls) - repeat 4x]
All the Girlies, the Girlies that love me
Cause I'm the one that say my name
(Lil' Romeo)

[Lil' Romeo]
Whats my name?


[Lil' Romeo]
Y'all love me

Yeah we do

[Lil' Romeo]
In the tick, tryin ta think
Ain't no limit
Lock it down from the East to da West
We ready ta ride
We rollin about it, Lil' soldier can't lie
It's the thug in me
Still love me baby
In the dirty dirty you done heard i'm drivin' a benz
Ladies love me, because Little whodi we keep it real
I' ll sign your autograph and love your thrill
I know your somebody that scream my name for me
Ladies I love you, cause I know you love me
Come on

[Chorus: Lil' Romeo and (Girls) - repeat 4x]

[Lil' Romeo]
I drive a scooter
You want a player wit some money
Flossin' baby iced out Bugs Bunny
Honey, I'm that new kid spark within'
Make you scream
Rollin' wit silkk cause I'm bout that
Soldier boy be studdin' whoo, I doubt that
Me and Bugs hostin' are chip stacks
Always playin' folks that way
Ta get my permit so I can drive my rose
So let me know if you down
And are you feelin' me
Girls I love you cause I know you love me
Come on

[Chorus: Lil' Romeo and (Girls) - repeat 4x]

[Master P]
Break down, senorita uno dos get busy one time

[Chorus: Lil' Romeo and (Girls) - repeat untill fade]