Two Way Testo

Testo Two Way

Two way me hit it! I wanna rock right now, I'm the Rome and I came to get down I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to rock the microphone Call me a pretty boy, crown me the greatest A new No Limit, y'all can't fade this You know I'm a winner, sho' not loser P. Miller clothes is what i choose, yo Ladies love me, girls adore me, I mean Even the ones neva saw me, like the way that I rhyme at a show The reason why? Woudy, I don't know Ok, yea (Chorus) It Takes two, it takes two, It takes two, It Takes two, ok, It takes two, It Takes Two, ok, It takes two, It takes two Gametime, hair done up, hang time Attention two way on the waistline The young P role, cress and neck below 0 I'm the best, it ain't come in the game ask Cleo Holla back, young'n (whoo Whoo) Pop ya colla, Call me Richie Rich, I got a dog name Dolla Custon paint 20's on my ride, i keep it locked down cause' i'm too Young to drive, i got bank rolls of pesos, so my love don't cost thang like J-lo, I'm a baller ma, I don't play wit playdoh, you seen CRIBS So that's how we roll