No Games Testo

Testo No Games

Lil Snupe, hah!
Mane these niggas playin with me mane
Like I ain’t the same lil nigga, you know
Like I won’t fuck em up
Real shit

Pussy ass nigga, watch it when you say my name
Fuck around and make me call my nigga Mr. Cane
I put some change on yo brain, make em show up to yo street and hit you up with number flame
See pussy ass nigga better watch it
‘Cus niggas already know about us snoopin
They know I’m bout it, ain’t nothing changed but the money
Nigga still lives 100, I run up on you in public
And put that thing to yo stomach, pussy!
You better watch it, I ain’t no motherfuckin rookie
I do my thang, swear to God I’m off the chain
You better stay up on yo lane
‘Cus I got some niggas that show up and erase yo ass out the game
Fuck nigga
You playin with Snupe? Well fuck around and get touched nigga
I’m the same nigga, yea yall know wussup nigga
Johannesburg, yea we dunk er
And if you ain’t from down here, don’t even come round here
‘Cause we’ll let yo stupid ass flat
You pussy ass fuckin jet
I hit you up with the mack, from the front and from the back
Free Charlie Brown, until they let my daddy free
I swear to God that I’mma hold it down
You say that you a fuckin gangsta, well come to my hood
You say that everything all bad, we will bust you all good
Yea we got some fuckin choppers
I hit you with yo mama
We shopped and we ain’t talkin fuckin commas
Bitch we bout that fuckin drama
I stay strapped nigga, I stay strapped nigga
Pistol like gonorrhea to give yo ass the clap nigga
Man we got the max nigga
Pistol like Fat Joe, it’ll make you lean back nigga
And it’s coming from out my head, this real shit
I got homies who’ll come get you, real quick
You don’t know me, got homies that’s real mean
Long time in that real beam
Put codeine on yo ass
Fuck some codeine on yo ass
I got homie that’ll get full of weed and them boys will really show up and just stomp yo ass, pussy
Nigga you already know it
And we bought everything you bought and we a fuckin show it
And I ain’t number 17 but I’ve been outchea on my own
I got pistols that jump but I got max who comin so broke
Got niggas who call me up, they my age
But niggas we got shit and we comin with hella K’s
Fuck minimum wage, I feel like I got minimum days
But I got homies with me and they got maximum K’s
Fuck wrong with you? You’d better chill
Before I fuck around and show you it’s real
Give a fuck bout the deal
I forget about that shit
And get throw up at yo house, get to splittin extra shit
Get to hittin extra shit, you a pussy ass boy
This ain’t up at yo price, I ain’t no motherfuckin toy
Nigga I’m Lil Snupe, you say that you the motherfuckin truth
Then call me when you show up to the motherfuckin proof nigga