Take Over Testo

Testo Take Over

Featuring DJ Khaled

Lil Snupe
Ayo Snupe
Dreamchaser rockets
Ayo Snupe
You the future
Shit on these fuck boys
Look, I’m finna make these niggas feel me
Fowl these pussy niggas outchea shootin tryna kill me
Yea, I’m finna make these nigga feel me
Fowl these pussy niggas outchea shootin tryna kill me

Bitch I’m thuggin I ain’t changing
The hood, that’s why I’m hanging
Nigga run up on me, roamer, the homies gon get to bangin
Fuck all you niggas and bitches, yall know I’m the sickest
Yall shootin but yall be missin, I put you bitches in ditches
Like 40, make the whole fuckin room shake
Walk up in yo dorm like I’m yo motherfuckin roommate
Niggas know I’m too hot, in yo shit like I’m Lou Duck
And if anybody move wrong, they ass getting 2 shots
Got my nigga queen with me and he got 2 Glocks
It’s me against the world bitch, I’m feeling like I’m 2 Pac
These streets is getting crazy, these niggas tryin to whip me up
Plus my bitch trippin, I feel like she’s tryin to set me up
Niggas know how we smoke, niggas know how we go
Make he approach yo as, big 40 in the pico
These niggas flat dumb, like I ain’t the one
I got heat like I’m LeBron, we doing this shit for fun
Now my niggas getting released, bitch I got my shoes back
Run up on me, have to love the niggas, knock yo news back
Yall niggas be new to that, my niggas be true to that,
Shinin, grinding, bitch I’m Charlie Brown in the 90’s
You play me I up it, nigga play me I bust it
Yall be talkin bout pistols but yall ain’t never clutchin
Keep talkin fowl I’mma have my nigga off you in public
Talkin shit over Twitter but yall know we be thuggin
Talkin damn, fuck around, it’s yo bet, your town
Mosberry kill you and every nigga that you own
Niggas try to play me now, come and cash laws
Drop em off in Johannesburg and they won’t last long
I ain’t knockin you bitches, I’m just watchin you bitches
And yall be talkin loud so I’mma get the drop on you bitches
Yall hoes love Snupe so I be copping you bitches
And I go with that hot shit so I ain’t floppin you bitches
Hatin on my success, cuz they know I’mma mix
Bitches say I’m the best, I’m Charlie Brown in the flex
Look at the diamonds on my wrist, and they all on my neck
And if you try to take em, boonie in the back with that tech

You niggas playin games so yall know just how it go
I’m a young nigga who came out the 30-1-8 and I finally got my feet up in the dough
If this rap shit don’t work
Me and my niggas sell dope
The wait over, 2013, Dreamchasers the takeover, I’m gone

Real shit, shit real
It’s DJ Khaled
I don’t just talk in anybody’s records
I just don’t
You gotta be nice
You gotta put in the hustle
Snupe the future
Lil Snupe a problem
Remember I told you
I know when I hear that real shit
Dreamchasers, Meek Millie, DJ Khaled
We da best
When I co-sign something it means something
You pussy boys fuck boys gon respect this
Lil Snupe, 100