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Testo Where's The Love

(feat. Ardis, Willie D)

[Troy] Where the love at?

[Willie D]
Momma told me there'd be days like this, but I didn't listen
Never question the woman's intuition
My ambition is to give you what you missin, sweet love
Take off your shoes, come and get your feet rubbed
Us in the tub, takin bubble baths, that'll be the shit
Anybody that don't believe this can eat a dick
I think we soul mates, cause we got so much in common
You make them hoes wait, when you find the proper woman
Lay next to me, put yo' head on my chest
Attraction stimulates me but it's not all about sex
I respect you got a mind and you... self sufficient
Opinonated... yet know how to listen
Now what's mine is yours, if I'm ballin you ballin
Tell that other nigga, he can stop callin
Check this out

[Chorus: Lil' Troy (repeat 4X)]

[sung] I want to be your man
[Troy] Where the love at? Where the love at?

[Willie D - over chorus]
I wanna be your man baby; I'm talkin about
providin you with all of life's.. securities - I mean
I think the first step is, goin to pick out some rings
What you like? Baguettes and pistol skirts

Can I spend a night, without givin you my ends tonight?
Cause I gotta catch a early flight
What you yellin bout? The simple fact that I'm bailin out?
I'm makin moves, my album sellin out
I need some affection, love could you teach me a lesson
I might be sittin fat down here in Texas, but the thugs is mean
So how deep is your love for me?
How real do you cut for me?
If the laws came and got me, how long would you-a stuck with me?
If not long then don't fuck with me
I want you down on my team and support, when I'm tryin to make my green
If you're real, I'll throw some carats in your ring
I'll make it last forever, cause you know I had that cash forever
We can ball till we pass together baby
Where the love at


[Willie D - over chorus]
Hahah, yeah
My nigga Lil' Troy, Short Stop Records
Puttin down like a G.O. ..
That's how we get our groove on!

[Willie D]
Recognize the mob, I bet you co-workers stare
When they - see the flowers that I'm sendin to your job
Read the cards, stick it in your purse, let's keep it rosy
Cause everybody so nosy
So you can't believe what people say
Misery loves company - tell them keep away, it'll be ok
If you trust in me to make it right
Before I hit you I'll freak ya that's on my baby's life
Will you be my wife? Please take this ring - let it serve as a token
To make you realize baby I ain't jokin
I'm copin, but my adversaries got me noid
I need a God-fearin woman, who understands my heart
Leave your baggage from past relationships, out of the picture
I put my old flames out and changed, all of my digits
And that's real


[Willie D - over chorus]
I want to be your man, sober
Ain't really no need to question me
And we're together as far as..
for my loyalty or my commitment life
You know my presence, but you alone, should let you know
You don't want to mess with me
I need you to spend time with me

I brang the heat
You want to play? It ain't a thing to me
You say you changed, you look the same to me
Eat and ball too much
On the real, cause I done stall too much
Girl I want you all too much
Ain't no way in the world, me and you can ball too much
Imagine having cabbage, straight lavish
Your friends wish they can have it
Cause I push a Rolex, sip crystal glasses of Moet
Don't listen to your friends about me cheatin
They don't know that, your best friend want me
Tell that hoe that, fo' sho' dat
You know she want the kids you shoulda knew this, true this
Few real niggas left, I'm one of the fewest
Holla at me girl, I'm Ardis, we can do this
Do that love thing girl, so I can prove that

[Chorus (to fade)]