Down For Nothin' Testo

Testo Down For Nothin'

He's never down for nothin'
He's never down for nothin.

He was thinking he could make it anywhere, he scammed the people in his town, and didn't trust. And now he shows up in your town, got in your circle for the purpose of a visit in a city. couldn't trust him buying weed made the promises you need. To take him seriousely Murs, how many richest people furious their lives never ending, condescending. I was curios he introduced himself as a producer, he's a loser. Stash my motor coke snorter order 5 shots of motor odor. Gang of mother fuckers offin' y'all and never told you he was zonin on the private information. So it's over y'all was chillin in the Rover, shot's rang, now it's over.
You was in the wrong place, it didn't matter you were sober.

He's always up to something.
Ain't never fuckin nothing.
Forever hurtin someone.
Screw over loved ones.
He got just what he needs.
Full of funk and greed.
He's never down for nothin'.


Side, talkin like Sly. Walkin evil eye's fake 2pac and Wy who can knock 'em. My, my spidey sense is fly. You are in contempt of court for simpin sport.
Like short with the try, abort the whole mission and contort the blue sky.
You's a wise guy, me? I'm a wise man.
I'm a little famous, you gonna die a fan.
Die it with what is and indulge in the wish.
Golden seal in piss, while your holdin and feelin the dick.
Rollin to this shit on the bike. I'm foldin what is crisp
while he bitched now...
What's he like?
He's never down for nothin'.

[Chorus x2]

He's never down, always around when its talked about.
Fooyainda paint, tryin to lay it up but it rims out.
Pop in the mids, when those girls land at earl's then he skids.
No countin on your boy, he always whimps out.
No muscle in his hussle cause he caught up in some struggle with,
What he says and what he means. What he means he never says.
Parties life he says is dead. Hella books he hasn't read.
Always laying in his bed. There's something wrong with his head.
Thinking about what he wants to do, but he never will.
His fantasy's the fantasy. His life is never real.
Still every time things are cool to ?(vibe be ill)?
He's never down to chill, unless hes on the pill.
Always swallowin his pride, never down to ride.
When it's time to put up the dukes, he's the first one to hide.

He got just what he needs.
Full of funk and greed.
He's never down for nothin'.

Bro, don't waste my time, yeah.
I don't know. Its like you lost your mind, oh.
You talk a gang 'a shit. But bitch you just lyin'
Slow your row, one-eighty ?(I'm a side ten)?

Your must be out yo god damn mind if your not tryin to do off the pimp.
If your pimp won't keep that smackin energy away from you,
I'll keep [?] in my way

'Sop now, you're never gonna do the shit you say you do.
Improvin' mother fuckers full of shit when I see you keep it movin'.

Cinematographer, Oceanographer, livin a fantasy. Runnin yourself in a pool of lies.
Crudest guy, Cruel intentions, cool interior thermostat keepin your body temperature low.
Snake in the ground by the lake. Underwrite Jack-In-The-Box.
Minimal thought for your criminal scheme and I've seen the whole thing like a bad dream. Asking
innocent folks to put up the money to keep you afloat.
On the Under, always on the rebound, lookin for a short cut, lookin for the easy way out.
Desperate times, desperate dispositions, The man you never want to be
On a mission with gets on the A- train, puttin up his A- game.
Hussled the main frame.