Even Though Testo

Testo Even Though

(Chorus x2)
Even though we don't get along (we don't get along)
I still love you

I guess loves unconditional
Even when it's physical
Never when it's him or her
Watch me take a hit and learn
The price to retaliate, navigate, get lost
Or alligate with good cost
For everything you worked off
The arguments would jump off
I'm nothin' but a small talk
When everything was kosher just a minute ago
I'm over all the turbulence it's permanent
Embedded in our circus tent
Watch me walk the tight rope while I rope with evident (evident)
We don't even get along that's a sad song
But I still love you baby doll thats my action
I know it's only said with words that's my passion
No flashin I'm askin for peace if we lastin

(Chorus x2)

(Sunspot Jonz)

Southern Indian
Twin complexion on her skin
We Started off as just good friends
To love and now she's pissed again
But you aint listenin
Feelings start to diss us then
Jealousy will always win
Hell to see it all just end
We pretend like the shit never hurts
But I never met your parents cause my color couldn't work
With the scheme of your parents plan
Dreams just to mock you and
Things could (???) and
I said I aint existin then
When we live together you're high and on my grove
Just before your mama walks in our apartment door
And I try to let it go
I know we buildin up the trust
Yo the nights and alcohol
All the women on the bus
Skeletons in the dust
Clouds or doors hide the lust
Fell again and it's bust
Love wil turn it's back on us
Actin up who cheated then?
Not talkin bout ja make up
But who needs it then
I'm a hypocrite faker
Cause it seems to hurt me more
It was all eighty twenty
Like you aim for me to mess up
Just to give it to me
Caue we like to play the fight game
It shows we still care
Cause no matter who I mean
Shes will always be there

(Chorus 2x)


The three to my one six
Yeah I was love sick
Even though on the real
We stay fightin bout some dumb shit
Come this far to find out your not the one
Swear to god when we met you were the mother of my son
Just a little too young
Thinkin love could conquer wall
But without the right support
I don't love you could fall
Can't deny that it was pure
Just a little insecure
Always wonderin what I'm doin when I'm out on the tour
But I'm the truest rap guy that you ever gon meet
I told on myself the two times I did cheat
And we only made out
Still you had to break out
And do the same thing
But we wiped the slate clean
Even got rid of Jean
And it didn't make it clear
Still so miserable without you
It's like having you here
Even though it didn't last
Not a day go past
That I don't think about gettin back wich yo ass

(Chorus x2)

I still love you (x3)