Soap Boxn Testo

Testo Soap Boxn

[Bicasso] Ooooooooo ...oohhhhhhhh watch out a watch out a watch out I can't stop how come? It's no breaks in what? This hip-hop say what? No low stakes they high! I won't flop but flip cakes and breaks to rip shop and why not? Well go head I'm 'bout to that's right no doubt dude That's tight why thank you I just might replay some true shit That type stuff you don't fool with I'll call a bluff cuz I knew it I'm like psychic when it blew thru the winds who? My ancestors whispers answers the questions Get twisted, I choose the path less taken Less walked on, forsaken, betcha beat breakin' Breads we be bakin' but it takes dough though So songs we kneed so slow no move fakin' This Bicasso the next level Penetrated thru the outer crust in a wood shed Let go of the baggage on my shoulders, now I feel good My neighborhood switched, I'm in the hills now But not quite how I planned it, This nest ain't my roost I got that hot handed I'm bout to shake em, I'm bout to shake em, Collect them dividends Give me that ten that I'm takin', I'm Makin' you wanna look, study the handbook of fresh shit I'm blessed with a gift that uplifts and shifts what you think What I think sometimes gets missed So hold this opinion tight, My third eye in flight for third eye sight I might live longer and I might breath deeper So that I might be stronger Best be a believer and a singer of these songs [Eligh] Where can we be headed, without music in my system I'd topple over unbalanced, It's a part of me and my talents Help to ventilate, lung capacity featherweight, Your audacity to judge me by my cover A mistake unlike no other. Would your brother judge your father If he left the family tree? Probably, quite simply, Put his foot down to the earth. Regenerate from the soot And put more effort than the first Attempt to get some, get right, Get closer to the meaning of life Without repeating it twice I must know ten repeated offenders up in this blender A melting pot of letters all marked return to sender Embark like a gypsy vendor To market the rhymes I render original, Remember: If you're ever in a spot where You feel like you'll never escape Like a rock and a hard place, Where the dealers got the ace Don't about face. I'm one to talk I've been the one to walk and turn the other cheek And some might call that weak But there's a time and a place And two aces for every one man Don't give up on the first, try, Be the first guy to take a stand Landing feet first is a lesson in its own hand In this land I'm a man who's a fan of next levels And I'm attacking the central nervous system With shocking wisdom Unlocking wandering light, reflected in prisms Keep the colors vibrant inside the database I made a fatter face to fit the mad hatter bass That we pack like a weapon with a crack, Then we steppin' out the arena Gladiator putting up his belt for the title If you felt your liability than test the flexibility Who's next to rest comfortably, Idle hands burn and turn to dust, When you learn to trust the music comes naturally