The Matrix Testo

Testo The Matrix

The secret war

Issues of a complicated manner
Hammer away at my mood
As I stay glued to the possibility
That really it's all o.k

Silly of me to think that things would ever go my way
Though some do
There's more than few that don't
Won't you please take the time to ease the strain from my shoulders
Hold this for emotion
way down as I convey sounds of anger, frustration
Or combinations of many
Feelings and thoughts from inside
I let my pen slide, plannin'
Commend me with the purchase of my underground tape
But if your coming up short be a sport and just wait
You know I'll be here
I give my word, put my life on it
Not sonically agreeable with ears I'll be the vehicle
We're transporting info not too simple but direct
if it wasn't for the mic cash I'd barely have a check
At all. Wall to wall carpet lines my room
At night I sleep in comfort
But when I awake I make a tomb
What more can I ask for?
But a piece of ass and cash for
My last war of struggle hasn't sounded
I'm surrounded by the land that they babble in
Traveling the globe. Call me beety
Flawless victor mic ripper to the power of ten
Showering men with paragraphs of pleasure
Whatever the weather
Treasure this like gold

Watch the world go by
Watch the world go by

Premeditated conviction an extra-ordinary convenience
Places you and me in a steady communication surpassing light years
Calculating infinity. infinity lasting a prophecies hit
Abominable affecting the human race war race, we breathing
Galaxies align-ign-i
Planetary on fire. hot
Running but cooling down but at the same time
Too smart that we found y'all
Older than I thought I'd be
In the never mental quest

The most imitated

Can anybody hear me?

Watch the world go by
(anger that fear ripped from a bitch named hate)
Watch the world go by

I'm angry
I listen, the slit of darkness
By your bedroom door
Your mind is lost to confusion
And the mental war
I'm angry paying these rocking emotions
You even stained
Just robbed your thought pattern
I appear silhouetted by a lantern
Stuck on your wall
Stand on your head and
Find a place to crawl in
Angry again, fuck them
Sometimes I can't seem to grab a pen
And write your last wishes
Going to call out all their funky ass
It switches from time to time
It depends on what's on your mind
The anger that fear rips from a bitch named hate in this time
(I'm) (lyin')
It was me against a planet of deceit
It was me against a planet of deceit
The anger that fear ripped from the bitch name hate
They wanna getcha. make your ass delete

So why the fuck you judging?
Why the fuck you talking?
You need to say noting unless
These shoes you walked in
So who the fuck you judging?
Why the fuck you talking?
You need to say noting
Unless you dead, you fucking walked in

Your running from time
The anger that fear ripped from the bitch name hate

Your running from time
Mother fucker, you listening?

Watch the world go by