All Out Testo

Testo All Out

So what's a brother to do alone
Biting his tongue and nowhere to place his words?
There's more than two sides when you're gone
And you weren't right to think that
We're both rightfully wrong

Place your feet in something unfamiliar
Is there defeat where you once thought that
All your ills had cures?
This is shifted, twisted
Sickness placed upon your shaky health
Displayed like trophies on a shelf

Yeah, I cheated; yeah, I stole
I killed something beautiful
Selfishness for selfless sake
The less I give, the more I take
For every lie that I had told
Is one more half-truth that I sold
It's nothing to be too proud about
But here I am, now it's all out

It's nothing to be too proud about
But we're still here and it's all out