Other People Testo

Testo Other People

I took your favourite shade of red and drew a line
Jumped across and hurt us both to see the view
Broken into two, so something new could
Take a look at what's inside
There were other people there
And we didn’t seem to care
While you lay awake in someone else's bed
I can't help but overhear all of the things you said
How you were growing up too fast
And I was staying young too late

Intentional mistakes
Seven years to gather all of what we made
Where happiness becomes the mess that we let grow
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh

What we are I can't explain to anyone
Infected with lust, infatuated with our love
Silver lining in all our faults
Rolling through my head like somersaults
There were other people, never seemed to care

Say nothing if you can't say something to save us
Those three words have only built a wall from where we fall
So save all your breath, say nothing at all

No, you're not someone I hate, but damaged loves all we create
So if you're sleepless wondering "Why" or asking "How?"
We're just other people now