Detached Testo

Testo Detached

Its been an uphill battle for me, to you. And you don't appreciate the nice things that I do.
I give you everything and ask for nothing in return. The candle it lights but your eyes, they burn

She wants me to leave but she doesn't want to come.
And I don't understand what I could have done.
Her eyes, Goodbyes into the night.
I'm staring at the sun and everything has come undone.

I try and try but you get further away. You don't hear a single word that I'm trying to say. And nothing is as it was or so it seems.
And all at once you destroy all of my dreams.

I want you, but you don't want me too. Give it another chance, Id take you back.
Id still take you back.

Cause I want you.
And you, you know you want me too...