One Sad Day Testo

Testo One Sad Day

Best friends until the end.
Buddies till the grave.
Thats how its always been but now things have changed. And I got the news today and I knew it couldn't of been right. Especially since yesterday we had that fight.

But you've gone away and I cant follow you to the grave.
This cannot be true.
Cant be saved, theres nothing I can do. One sad day as I lie here awake.

The news came suddenly.
They said you had no pain.
Your car had hit tree amidst the pouring rain. And now I'm left here to face this world alone. As I shed a tear, I wish you would come home.

My tears, my fears.
You've gone away
Your mom cries and your dad tries not to face reality.

As we put you to your final resting place. This will be the last time Ill ever see your face!