Freestyle Testo

Testo Freestyle

Look me in my eyes and tell me what you see
I look up in the mirror, I see MVP
Got these haters mad, why they hatin' me
Tell 'em get up on your feeling, I call it that jealousy

Boy you know I put up for them triple B's
Comin' fresh in the game, then we chargin' fees
ZO2 hit the sight, man they causin' [?]
ZO2 hit the sight boy, ain't nothin' free
You hit the sight, then ZO cause the G
I call Z up and I get it for free
Yeah, I know the blood, boy I know the blood
DMO, show me love, DMO, show me love

I do it for my squad, I do it for my people
Prayin' late at night I talk to god, boy I see no evil
Lookin' in the mirror see myself, that's my only equal
When I'm on the court, I kill for sport
? yeah my game is lethal

Started off local now i'm going global
You know I got the game right up in a choke hold
DM's poppin' up on every social
People claim they love you, but they rarely loyal

Gimme the keys to the lot, gotta go and get my spot
People comin' for the top
But I sweat it really none
Cuz I'm here by myself
I'm the highest on the shelf
Play the cards that I'm dealt
Now I'm gettin' to the wealth

Now I'm gettin' to the wealth
Can be bad for your health
Move in silence, move in stealth
All I got is myself
Nobody yeah I got 'em
Spanish mommies, yeah I got 'em
Hood rats yeah I got 'em
I'm stoppin' all of their problems

KP he ? 'em up
Then I show them how to ball
Then I take 'em to the mall
Tell 'em; get what you want
Tell 'em; throw it in the back
Yeah we only spendin' cash
Boyfriend getting hella mad
He can't do it like that

He can't do it like that
He can't do it like me
Kenneth Paige, KP goin' global [?]
Make your wives wanna [?]
Make a chick wanna [?]
I'mma take her to the [?]
Know she 'bout to get fixed
Says she loves all my hits
Know the words to every song
Open doors with a thong
Wow, girl I like it
Got me excited

I get your merch
I get your merch
I get your merch