Lavar Testo

Testo Lavar

I told him he was gonna go to the Lakers
I'ma speak it into existence
Only one person ready for this, it's that Ball boy
I know I must be a genius to plan it this way
His number's always been number two, and guess what he goin' number two
To the Lakers baby, here we come

Ever since a child your boy been a star
Light skinned, colored eyes, I've always looked the part
People lookin' crazy, askin' is it hard?
I just laugh 'cause I know they talkin' 'bout LaVar
Y'all can hate him, that's my pops though
First one that's there for me once it got cold
Listen to the story, not just how it's told
Yellin' he the devil, but yet you the one who sold your soul
Never turned road, just had to maneuver through a few cones
It's jewelers eying us, Randle
ZO2, buy the shoe, and the sandals
Man I hope the brand goes
Pops workin' every week, doin' different shows
Firin' up the fans, firin' up the foes
They're just a bunch of candles
I guess when you gettin' green that's how it all go
Lettin' words turn you into Rambo
Hope pops got the gun and I'm the ammo
Covered in them B's all the time, look like camo
Well respected with the fam though
Never get why people hating on the brand though
Claimin' that you hot but you a fan though
Tryna follow suit, that don't turn you to a man bro
My brother sixteen in a Lambo
The other one shootin' but ain't trappin' out the bando
He ain't sell no white, pushin' magic like Orlando
He just shoot the rock like he skippin' in some shallows
I swear I'm speaking with my eyes closed
Road to riches, dodgin' potholes
Made three killers and we all cold
We growin' up fast dad, we gettin' old

With the second pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers select Lonzo Ball, from UCLA
I knew this was happenin' before it was happenin'. I already knew what was comin' to him. I got two more boys, I gotta come do the same thing two more years. The Big Baller way. Ball control. I'll have another hat on, to say I told you so
Thanks a lot LaVar, congrats
Thank you

Prayin' 'cause I know I'm blessed
I just wish y'all loved more and you hated less
Tryna be a good person and I try my best
But I don't always do right sometimes I turn left
But it's cool 'cause I live and learn
John Austin Milan, JAM, shout out Yerm
I'm speakin' that real, not just sayin' some words
I ate Free Smoke, wanted seconds and thirds
RIP my brother Nine, may he rest in peace
Took my brother 'fore I had a chance to tell him peace
I used to cry until I had to realize
It's not gon' bring him back, so as a man I had to wipe my eyes
Close 'em tight and pray to Christ
Say him in and spread the light
I love my bro, he not in sight
But in my heart I hold him tight
Lookin' up to heaven, prayin' every night
Jesus died for our sins, we gon' be alright