Before That Time Can Come Testo

Testo Before That Time Can Come

Tell me what I need to hear
So I can still feel that thing
That I once knew as trust
Can't believe I've spent this long without words
And I'm walking so alone
Like the first time on my own

Is it a way for me?
So I got to see
A paint that ain't black and white
The place that I see in my dreams

You bring me down
So no one can reach the truth
Bury me down, bury me low
Deep where the love is lost

Will we ever see the time
When we'll be coming home
Maybe it will need my blood
Maybe it will need my the ground
Before that time can come

Feels like is a heavy load
Like a thousand years of darkness
And the grief never stops
Tell me what I should not believe
... 'Cause is wrong
Saying that we belong to a love
We'll never know

Chorus - Solo - Chorus