Bound To You Testo

Testo Bound To You

Time doesn't heal
Let me undo the wrong, let me be the one
I'm so tired of the same mistakes
Been here, done that... Over 'n over

Life is telling me now
That the weak are meat for the strong to eat
Consequences of words and deeds
Everywhere... everyday
Shadows of home... Ghosts of my past
Time will be on my side

Destiny calls... Whenever I am gone
Tides take me back to you
Yesterday is gone, but all that matters still belong
I'm always bound to You

Did you ever think jealousy
Was against you... (you're) not the only one
Tell me I need to believe
End this war... for the World to see

Sail on the unknown
Greater good... always worth the pain
Come to me and we'll make our love
Great again... Yet again

Meet me the midst of a dream
Time's always on your side


We're all connected by fate and coincidence.
we are bound to others, past and present, shaping the present and future
You can remain there and risk nothing... or you can come with me

Solo / CHORUS (x2)