Growth Testo

Testo Growth

The first of his name, the first of his kind
Last of a dying breed
Some people build a foundation
He's here to build a legacy, the definition of what authentic is
See, I thought for a long time, would there be someone special?
Would there be someone that holds the world in the palm of their hands?
Well, I guess there is
No matter how many times they try to bury him
He will rise through the dirt, because theirs only one, and there will always be one
Huncholini the 1st

When I go through shit, I grow through shit
Ready for the apocalypse
I'm bakin' & waitin' for dough to stretch
Every day I'm saying money, just randomly, while I be walking I got Tourettes
I wish I got more for less
Sometimes it's better its less for more
I just left, and I settled my scores
Bankrolls, it's all in my drawers
Open the roof while I'm smokin' a spliff
It goes wherever I go, open the door and I'm coach and the reff'
I just spent 8 in the T, if your up in the bando' you already know what that is
Tried university but, I just made it straight out from the streets
Put a rest to the fuckin' degree
Please don't go pass a degree
Some people get used to the sea
Some people get used to defeat
I got defeated, I ran up some g's
Huncholini just ran out receipts
Fans asking "Why don't I release?"
I grab the pack and I go an' release
And theirs always a fee
Cash, ruled everything round' me
It was never about the cream
Everything in the room is so green
And I ain't droppin' on stage
Nah I flip money I'm turning the page
On the local gazette, to see if my people were just fucking caught in the rave
I need back all the love that I gave
Every ounce of respect that I gained
Was purely deserved on my name
They can't put me in the mud now I name
I just put four in a cup, sit and determine the place
You're not in my league, we can't ever engage
In conversation that's mentally strange
My mother was burning some sage
Keep 'em away, the devil and fakes
The fakes and the devil put dark into pebs
Please get outta' my way
Got Cartier on me, hey
Can't be a bum and there is no pay
I bought a gun call it Ray
I be the nephew that's holding it, hay