Hit & Miss Testo

Testo Hit & Miss

Everybody's sending shots this year
Everybody's sending shots this year
Everybody's sending shots this year
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Huncho, yeah

I ask for the royal oak
Plain Jane like my Prada coat
Picture nails like candyfloss
Gave her money that's candy crush
I came here with animals
Came here on Noah's ark
Keep bitches, yeah for my genitals
I'm smoking, I smoke recreational
Fashion week yeah with the latest coat
Huncho the goat
Fuck all them bruddas I take their draw
That's money I never saw
I'm booking a flight today
I need to go Bogota
Goyard my lighter case
That shit that you never saw
That shit that you've never seen
I talk to my girl in Mandarin
Open tins like cans of beans
(I like to grow bees I make tangerine ???)
I sip on a daiquiri, it's 10 for a fucking enquiry
Head from Lisa's a masterpiece
And Youngs in the kitchen he's master chef, yeah
It's expensive when I wanna buy some bricks, yeah
I kick it good in Gucci sliders that's my shit
And I don't stop for small amounts I get a bit, yeah
Everybody's sending shots it's hit and miss
Hit and miss, yeah
Back a bit, yeah
Stack my chips, yeah
Give me chip, yeah
Give me raws, yeah
Bill a spliff, yeah
Then I break a bit, yeah