G500 Testo

Testo G500

(feat. Ashanti Rydah J Klyde)

[Mac Dre:]
I'm finna let you know what time it is
Like I'm a vato
Every word I'm rhyming bitch
It's hard to swallow
I'm a model, desperado
I got bitches in the vato,
All the way in colorado
Instructions they follow
I'm ricky ricardo
When I say it Lucy do it
She bit it, and chew it,
I want nothing to do with
Most bitches cause most bitches is broke bitches
I yoke bitches with no witness
My four-fifth is
My close pal I'm so wild
I show wild get smoked out
I blow clouds of dope child
I'm mean for the ends and got ice in my my ring
I got screens in the benz before the licesnse plate came
Might with a sexy in strange motel
It's thizzlelle
And yes he in a range rovelle
I'm like cocaine for sale, I'm cooked
Get your hook
I'm the dope [? ]
[Rydah J. Klyde:]
I'm cooler than cool
I'm ice cold
Slid on my watch and it stopped
Becasue time froze
Like heron in your nose
Just wait till niggaz doze off and sleep
Now the hoes tryin to creep
Throwin there cloths off in the G
I pulled off and see some hutches on the corner
But just be
Cause it's buisiness as usal,
Eat, p, and d
But it's MD and me
Drinkin and drivin the G, 5 double 0
Who you know that's flyer than we?
And we ain't tryin to be
It natural like the tobacco from the backwood
I dumped out right before I rolled a sack full of that piss
So much purple, man I been missin that bitch
Wrapped her up and lit her up and we kissed
Grabed the privilage gave my cap a twist
Turned the bitch out just like turning coke to crack is just
All in the wrist and the chain
Not it was me, it wasn't the fame,
I was playin
You hear what I'm saying
It ain't a game.