Me Damac Testo

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Testo Me Damac

Let you know a little something about me the mac
I like the low cut jeans where you can see the crack
Get drunk off the priv the heem the yak
And take a double shot just to bring me back
Cause im from where you never see a seed in the sac
The bay boy and dre boy is bringin it back
Im from the suffa whats the meanin of that
You neva see a nigga thats as clean as the mac
[Verse 1:]
Call me mr cleanex im so cold
Icy wrist like ive been making snow cones
Wassup homes what size them rims is?
22 muthafuckin inches
Seats big as benches I neva touch wrentches
The only work I do is working these bitches
My palm itches that means money
Have you ever seen bling bling when it aint sunny
It aint funny they cant hold me down
Big bad wolf cant blow me down
Every bad bitch wanna blow me now
Oh you know me now oh you my homie now
I get dumb stooey in yo face
Hop out the benz wit the louie briefcase
Cheapskate fuck the price
You aint really cool if you aint got ice

[Verse 2:]
Dre gets whips hits shit off the docks
A mafia type drink scotch on the rocks
The weed man loves me I cop quarter pops
Do a donut on the cops fuck the shocks make the car hop
Shake me locks all the hoes jock
I make them robot they bring me swool knocks
I bring them show knocks boy dre spit heaters
Four door mob shots dont fuck wit two seaters
I fuck wit two heaters identical twins
And if I aint killin the hen then im killin the gin