On The Run Testo

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Testo On The Run

I'm out of here
I gotta go
No Time to Chop It Up
I've got to go

I'm a raw dog ya'll tryin to shake the kennell
I stay in underbuckets and I ride in rentals
Cause the rollers wanna pinch me, wash me, rinse me
Brick wall, razor wire, behind the fence me
Put me where thy mother can't kiss me, put me where thy brother gon' miss me
I stay off the phone, I take dumb ways home
I let my beard grow and my hair get long
It's on, I'm gon nigga if I stay I'm cooked
I'm seein police everywhere I look (Uh)
It's off the hook, I've never been scarier
My niggas say boy if they catch you they gon' bury ya
Leave the area, live on a farm, and keep a long sleeve shirt for them tats on your arm

[Chorus: x2]
I'm on the run
Packin my Gun
Havin no fun
Caught in the cross hairs
When I thought I had run

Man I'm washed tryin to shake John?
Americas Mos tryin to say I'm a crime boss
I'm getting lost, boy I'm finna head for the hills
It's survival skills I'm on the run for real
I'm always in different locs
Switchin and ditchin?
Pistols I'm grippin those
Mixed officials I'm hittin those
I'm watched and can't avoid it
The cops got me noided
Every time they hit I'm flushin shit down the toilet
Bitches can't spoil it
I gets further
Can't stick me with the murder
They witness, I'm gon' hurt her
I got a squirter with a 50 round drum
And when they people come, dude, I make it hum

[Chorus x2]

They tryin to stick me with a grand jury endictment
So I ride and I creep with a alias license
My license got a picture of me, with a different name
I'm hyphy could you picture me in a different game
I'm dippin man I'm different man
Call me Casper
It goes faster
You hear those flowmasters
High speed pursuit
Partner I'm a scoot
I got jukes
Patterns and roots
It's bye bye now, nigga I ride out, I slide out and dip to my hide out
Boy I shake the spot cause nigga I'm not tryin to go to? for 3 hots and a cot


I'm on the run