The Nation Of Thizzlam Testo

Testo The Nation Of Thizzlam

(feat. Dubee, PSD)

Now Let Me Take Time Just To Set Yall Straight
Fuck What Ya Love Its Crestside Out The Gate
And What That Means
Its Me And My Team
Either Cutthoat Committee
Or The Five Tre' Fev'
Thuggin Wit Them Boys On Da A-V-E
Bay Wit It In The Three C
When They See Me They Know The Thug Be Out
Dont Mug Me Pal
Im The Type To Let The Slug Be Out
You Wonder How
Im All In Ya Town
50 Cal Down Aint No Smile Just A Thizz And A Frown
Buttered Up To The Brim Of My Brow
Grimey Out The Gutter Wit That Turf Know How
So Much Style, Aint Done My Thang In A While
But Watch Me Wizzle Out
Hard As Hugh Hefner When I Send A Bizzle Out
Dont Test Pal
Go On And Check Me Out
First To Keep It Thug When The Guns Come

Nation Of Thizzlam
We Blast, We Bomb
Squares Cant Come When We Go This Dumb
Fully Wit Tha Hundred Round Drum
Madman Crestland Where We From