Willingly Testo

Testo Willingly

[Mac Dre]
When Dre rap you hear hand claps and toe taps
I rock off iPod no mo shodats[?]
On stage gettin filmed by Justin Lomax
Get off stage feel like I ran about four laps
Get off stage get paid about four racks
Meanwhile my freestyles kill yo wrote raps
Fresh cat in net backs no pro backs or throwbacks
I'm slept on but no match, get stepped on like floor mats
I'll cut cut my dreads off get a high top, let 'em grow back
If I wanna I'm gonna, bitch you know that
Fans no I'm fonky they want me on they Kodak
Feds don't want me cuz they know I ain't gone go back
40 toes, four hoes, down like four flats
Bring me back some backwoods baby, four packs
She bought my Jordans in Portland and got charged no tax
I spit fully auto, full throttle with no naps

[Chorus x2: Mac Dre]
Hoes ain't dumb they gone come and hoe willingly
But broke ones wit no funds is no fun, they killin me
We Heros, when we roll, we roll wit artillary
I'm Dregan the one that knock pill for pillary[x2]

[Mac Mall]
When Mall flows the hoes go postal
And thugs go nuts like we handin out bundles
Promotas have my money cuz I got cutthoat muscle
Crack a smerk helmet, won't argue or tussle
Mack The Most, but u can call me Russell
Thizzin, keep fly Asian women comin in and out my billin
Dre and me is boss mackin to the highest degree
Triple C beast, my name rings in Berlin Germany
Keep a bitch servin me with upmost curtousy
When Mall move smooth like I'm doin, Thia Chi
Maybe its that country club blood in me
That make my mouthpiece so deadly
This pay style trick never treat
[?] Street pedigry got ya scared ta breathe
But my backwood burnin paraqui purple trees
I'm mean

[Chorus x2: Mac Mall]
Hoes ain't dumb when they come they hoe willingly
But broke ones wit no funds is no fun, they killin me
We heros, when we roll, we roll wit artillary
Mallenium, I work a fast bitch for a mill or three