Through The Looking Glas Testo

Testo Through The Looking Glas

I can feel the sands of time passing through the hourglass and it shimmers in my eyes as I linger in the wake, as eternity escapes I begin to realize We´ll walk a 1000 miles just to see for ourselves look behind our eyes find our hell and in the light of the sun we go through rain and raging snow to find the things we do not know I will go never laying low just tell me how to breathe and i will make it so you must know that this is not for show if you are not wise it will be your denise Once I walked along a field another nightmare in my mind and beheld the fearful symmetry everything was beautyful even things that were dead and I surged with violent imagery I walked a 1000 miles just to see for myself looked behind my eyes found my hell we comes to honor to stand or die to pass the hours of our lives we burn the silence and all this lies to fuel the fire in our eyes