Back In The Day Testo

Testo Back In The Day

[scratching] What do you think of that?
Have you anything else to say

[Mark B]
Yes I remember when rapping was considered just a phase
Trying to search for a deal was like walking through a maze
Back in the days
Labels couldn't comprehend the mission
So we've remained underground
Displaying for those who listen
Everyweek we held a jam entertainers were live
We had rappers and dj's performing all through the night
Records were spun back and forth and the crowds were withit
It was all about the skills no image or gimmicks
Graf writers were spraying and dj's were playing
Records while breakers were breaking
Only my ears were aching
Cos the music as loud the place to be was the south
It was the same in the north the east and the west
Hip hoppers were everywhere, many with fear
From the evidence is clear that our time is near


I remember it clearly like it was yesterday
Ingrained in my mind how they all used to say
It was nothing more than a fad
Just some kids having some fun
Graffiti on the walls and we'd only begun
House parties every Saturday
Crews use to gather wearing wetsuits and kangols
To prove who was the baddest
The centre of the floor was the stage for battling
Occasional fights would break out
Cos what was happening
was kids were getting excited when the moves were bad
twenty years later and you wish you had
half the skill half the knack to build from scratch
half the will half the knack the thrill to steal
we persisted for. those who missed it
bodies for body poppers were robotic and twisted
rhymers were gifted crowds were lifted
as they witnessed a performance of a lifetime


I used to hide behind the speakers and rhyme my nuts off
Cuts were never soft and crowds were going off
Competitions were held
Baggy bags and psychs
Organised the events handed us the mic's
Be an mc merlyn rip stage for stage and never got paid
The feeling was great as we slaved
Competition was none the audience left stunned
I used to rap I used to beat box afraid of none
Dj's were starlight with joel and chris
Tony and val and seb and the jams were bliss
It was heaven in the making there for the takin
So we took it and ever since been hooked to it

Like addicts to cigarettes
A combination of decks
Vocal orchestral effects
The rhyme connects [x2]