Identical twins Testo

Testo Identical twins


We're twins, we're twins, yes sir

I am me she is she

Except when I pretend I'm her

And when we switch

You can't tell which is which

You don't know who you're talking to

Because we're identical, 'dentical, 'dentical, identical twins!

We look a lot alike

But we are not alike

I'm loud!...I'm quiet

She's serious...she's a riot

We're totally, totally
Different, different

Identical twins!

We read different stories

We watch different shows

In our slightly different colored hair

We wear different bows

We dance to different music

We laugh at different jokes

Gosh, gosh

It's like we're...two different folks

Though we appear alike

We're nowhere near alike

She's sweet...she's saucy

What's that mean? You're bossy

Says's true

Is not!...Is too!

We're totally, totally

Different, different

Identical twins!

I am not a xerox

I am not a clone

A duplicate, a copycat

A second scoop...on the ice cream cone

Friends, pals, partners, chums

But we're marching to different drums

We look a lot alike

But we are not alike

Two...two, totally...totally, utterly...utterly

Opposite...opposite, totally...totally, different...different

Identical twins!

Twins, twins...etc.

Two...two, totally...opposite, utterly...different

Opposite...utterly, totally...opposite, different...totally

Identical twins!

Identical twins!

Deedle-leedle-lee, dum!

Monday Morning

Monday Morning

Hey Jack, Hey Jill

Oh it feels like we're going uphill

along this Monday Morning

So much to get through

You're catchin' up with me,

I'm catchin' up with you

For the first best morning

What'd you do on Friday night?

Who'd you talked to on the phone last night?

Monday Morning...

I feel so good

I met the cutest guy in my neighborhood

Isn't that exciting?

I dreamt all night, I got a secret note

but that's alright cause I knew his writing

Hey I like your brand new shoes

Do you have a pen you could let me use?

Monday Morning...

Another week behind the desk for me

But I'm in the very best of company

The only good thing when the weekend ends

I get to be with all my friends

Monday Morning...

(Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Morning)

Everything is going here again

Oh I don't know what I'll do without my friends

Same time same old place

Still I got another smile on my face

Oh it's time to run a note, well hang on tight

'Cause here we go...

Monday Morning...


liefs h