Toys (When I Grow Up) Testo

Testo Toys (When I Grow Up)

don't know about you but I'm not though

cause when we're wrinkled and gray

I hope there's still a kid in you, who'll want to

come out and play

what is this gadget in my hand? what is it


it's not my imagination, I can see a dinosaur

ooh, look at the pretty teddy bear, gotta hug

that bear

we're in a place that brings togather, toys

you'll treasure foever

everything is here and waiting,no time for



when I grow up, I wanna be a kid

look at all the really cool things

a kid can get into, ooh!

when I grow up, I wanna be a kid

I wanna have some fun and stay forever


this fits so easy in my hand

it's a perfect size

I wanna see that shiny tractor

it depends on what your after

I gotta go see the kitchen store

it's state of the art

every thing is there for baking, boriling,

boriling,oiling, shaking

this paradise of toys just might be better than



everything is here and waoting, it's time for




(c) Sisjah