Haven't Been Down Testo

Testo Haven't Been Down

These walls are 'specially thin
I guess I paid for the room that I'm in
Hear the neighbors fight in the hall
Turn up this song 'til someone bangs on the wall
“Hey! cut that out!” “hey! turn that down!”

I said, “what's up? how's it goin'? what's been happening my man? yo!”
But what I really meant to say was just “hello”
I said, “things been good, things been great, I've been having a good time!”
When you asked me how I was
Actually I'm fine

I have not been down
I have not been down

The train goes by this complex
At a quarter to four and a quarter to six
I guess I'm just sluggish tonight
I slept through the rain, the alarm, and the neighbors' fights

I have not heard a sound

Either someone's out washing their car
Or I hope it isn't raining too hard

I've got a plastic plant in my room
They don't let you have real ones 'cause I guess they pollute
I really love this cool time of year
I really wish you'd wish you were here
I'm either 15 minutes late and I'll whine
Or maybe for a change the clock is on time

Either someone's out there singing in the rain
Or they're taking a bath while getting air play
Either someone's out there smiling or the sun's out there
Either you folks bought me a new car
Or the rain washed it and you don't care

When I wake I guess I'll call sick and play hurt
It's too perfectly fine morning to waste at work
I don't like to complain but these are the facts
I'd rather eat spam than pay the tax

I have not been down, I have not been down
I have not been down, I have had a little luck
I have not, I have not, I have not been down. . .
I just have not been up