In This Legacy Testo

Testo In This Legacy

Face to face, we've come from lands undone.
We bend and twist this broken mess, yet to see the sun.
And now soon you'll see the glory. And I'm proof of living dead.
(Trust me, cause so far I've stood strong.
Trust me cause so far I've stood tall.
Just listen when I say.)
This is how we live. This is what we breathe.
And it's insulting to my face. It's something I'll take under my wing,
I will fly until I sing this free. (Stop, surrender to fate.)
A servant to your dreams, this blood will spill.
Ruining your dreams that I despise,
I will not strike 'til I see the whites of your eyes.
And only then you'll feel the fury.
And I'm proof of living dead.
This is the one that is the answer to our lives. Look ahead,
and even if this never works,
(I'll be) satisfied with every motion.
And now I am sure I was right.