Just In Time Testo

Testo Just In Time

And ever since I left it all, I really felt I let you down.
But we could count stories with my sheets--two lovers in a noisy town.
The good times don't mean shit when I'm relying on telephone lines
to keep you from crying, so you don't leave me.
And I must pray. Forgive me for saying, "Was this a mistake?" BUT WE CAN DREAM.
But it's a complicated mess, and what it comes down to is just me.
What if we touch lips just this once, and a blindfold leads to sinning?
And she said, "Holding my hand makes me comfortable,
and just surround me with loving, baby.
Not gonna wait around, cause I'm falling down and you're leaving town."
Thought she was fearfully free.
And I just made up my mind, just in time for you to leave me.
Now that that's out of the way.
Invested all our time, for three great years we had a good scare.
Now come give me a sign that you're just not messing with my mind.