Someday Blues Testo

Testo Someday Blues

Mister, how long will this thing last? How long until this ache has passed? You?re gone and yet you haunt me still I walk in shadows you still cast I still can?t think of you without the blues Phone calls still cause my heart to race My eyes scan every passing face I wait each night for sleep to come Lying beside an empty space Sleep comes at last but still I have the blues I wake, reach out to stroke your hair My hand caresses only air Someday I know I?ll try no more My heart may tell me I still care But that day I?ll start to say goodbye to blues Someday when lingering dreams move on Someday when every ghost is gone And when it?s not so hard to smile I?ll wake to greet a carefree dawn Someday I?ll think of you without the blues