Downtown Testo

Testo Downtown

Your whole life you follow the lines Do what anyone tells you Be a brave man, don`t curse, don`t lie Then one day you break all rules The next day you wake up in prison Furious eyes look into your face You can`t remember, darkness fills your mind The last day changed your whole life You go downtown You take your gun You make it on your own People cry, people run People cry, people run High noon they hang you on the gibbet Stones are flying, hit your head Tears are falling, neck is broken Your soul is driving straight to hell You wake up, drippin` with sweat It was a dream, you`re screamin` loud Be a mad man and take a gun and keep the nightmares in your morbid mind You killed a child You killed five men There was something wild Let loneliness begin Let loneliness begin You blow in the wind You float into nothingness Killing is a sin You died in loneliness You died in loneliness