Darkness Testo

Testo Darkness


I feel like there is nothing than darkness around me

I'm standing all alone in the woods and I cannot find

the way back home, a way to escape from everything
that try's to stop me. Have no fear and follow you're

heart to find you're way home, than I know foreshore

that when you listen to you're heart you shall find the

way back, and that nothing can stop you from trying it.

But than I hear something behind that dark tree's....

I look up and I saw that something is following me,

but it was only a shadow that protects me and shows

me the way home.

a shadow that's follows me everywhere I go and that
always shall be with me when I need it.

There is something that try's to distroid the world.

but when I find the exit, than the world shall be saved.

I look back to the other side of the woods and saw how

the world behind me is following into little pieces,

it's starting....

Shall this be the end of the world?

I try to run and not to hide

I thougt that I was to late to save the world.

But I only was almost to late to save myself.

It's still dark around me and I cannot see anything.

But than I saw fareaway a strong light shining,

a light that comes closer and closer to me and

lead me to the other end of the woods.

But than I saw a way to escape.

I saw the exit right in front of me, I passed over it

and I survived it...!!

©This is my own song...

Made and Written by my:Nadieh..!!