Haifa Blue Testo

Testo Haifa Blue

A funny frame of mind
I never was so blindfolded, I won’t tell
you’ve been down that road

And from a dream I must have had
beyond the reach of good or bad
something was calling me
and I woke up that night … Haifa Blue

See how summer must turn its face to fall
these signs of distress, you know them all
ripped up by every stone
Of all the memories I had
this one I still recall
it’s the shivering sight
when you light up at night

I can’t bear it to slip away from you
out of your windows painted Haifa blue
and when I’m turning, turning my back on you
my heart will still be drowned in Haifa Blue.

How can a sound give back to me
the waves of an endless, deep blue sea
I can’t resist you
Why should a dream come on so strong
with lines from a half forgotten song
that I wake up, crying
for the things that are in me
I can’t bear it to slip away from you …

Haifa Blue, Haifa Blue
I’m slowly coming close to you
I saw the blood run through the heart
the puls of Haifa Blue …

I can’t bear it to slip away from you …