Skin In The Game Testo

Testo Skin In The Game

Wide awake
And I know why it’s taken me so long
To reclaim my power
The hurting made me strong
I’ve lost count how many times I have changed There’s an art to having skin in the game
Been afraid
Of running out of fucks to give
Lowest place
Considering where I have been
It's the simple truth that one day I will die or the courage it takes for a warrior to cry
It's like the song I was singing
Sitting on my bedroom floor
Or that familiar feeling like I’ve been here before

Well, you can certainly shake me, But, no can break me
Na na

What I want
Will rarely meet at what I need Nothin’s wrong
With setting better boundaries Like the softness you earn when you break your own bread or that playful heart
That became your first defence
Well, I know yes I know, I sure as shit know I turned some kind of page
And I will, yes I will, learn to love the
Side of me that holds all the shame
When I gave myself permission to feel the pain There’s an art to having skin in the game
Well there is something so sacred
Or perfect in placement uh huh
Cause I am buzzing in beauty and feasting on honey alright