Nas Is Not Testo

Testo Nas Is Not

[Verse 1]
This goes out to them sensitive niggaz
I'll put dent in y'all niggaz
If it's extension my niggaz
Runnin out like half-back pressin for y'all
Confiscate you at the light now your weapons dissolve
Confiscate your fuckin life now steppin to the fog
Last record was debate, wait now I respond
Silly rappers that lacked the credibility, killin me
Shoutin out the hood, though the hood show hostility
So that you know here is the truth about Nas:
In the window so long, chipped his tooth on the bars
Nigga never got involved, he was none to clown
Try to front on my block and I'ma knuckle you down
You hear me

[Verse 2]
I gots to chew you, cops sue you
Beside Ether, Build and Destroy is lots of doo-doo
And even if the Bravehearts sign, it ain't poppin
Just tell 'em make Oochie again, if not drop 'em
Cause we don't want to hear the shit they tryin to do
Before they get to drop and album they retirin too
Dividin the crew, you Jung, Wiz, and Nashawn
With out you which one of them can stay on
So think about it yo

[Verse 3]
The nigga 'Pac called you out, you ain't neva respond
B.I.G. put it down and you knew he was warned
Jay-Z called you right in front of your home
Everybody called you out cuz you runnin alone
Use to be a shorty buster wit Killa and High
Black head in the jeep, you was feelin my size
Coming through every other day changin your ways
Was it fate, why you showin so many anger today
Talkin Ill Will neva even feedin his moms
Why she livin in Queensbridge still eatin them worms
You be at the fortune teller probably readin your pomp's
Mislead your own kind can't you see it's wrong
It's about time, all the shit come to and end
And this time all the hood see its current event
Niggaz know you got ice, why you tuckin it in?
You supposed to be a fighter why you stuck in the trench?
Terrorized by a nigga named Nut, tied time move
Diggin it like this shit is made up, you might find truth
Callin for my niggaz for help
When you was cornered then you tell me you come by yourself
You was recordin, I'm cool we had a team
But your thugin was warrin'
And you wouldn't sold double if it wasn't for Lauryn
So the next time you talkin if you lyin for is foul
Nigga brace your self for the drama dunn the time is now

[Verse 4]
Nas is like...King Jafi, the mummy returns
Ass whole of the year, maggot runnin with worms
The little freaks that we see on tapes
Fuckin R. Kelly raw, did he pee on your face?
A false prophet, Lucifer son
Spreadin lies to people, amusin the young
Sayin that I stole cars and I took pocket books
Just to cover the fact that...the hood got you shooked
Think about it, a scared little boy on the corner
I'm prepared to go as far you wanna
From the winter to the summer, you be hirin cops
Tellin niggaz you a thug sendin right to a box
Life like J Reed, you In Too Deep
Faggot voice ass rappin nigga been too sweet
So the next time I see you, we can straight it out
And if you don't know what Nature is about
Now you know nigga