What You Know Testo

Testo What You Know

Yeah, gotta give 'em what they wantYeah, make it hurt, make it hurt (Nature)Gotta give 'em what they wantUh huh, yo, yo[Verse 1]Now who the one that got it locked downThe top downIn the coupe or the yacht nowJuts watch outI'm comin' thru for the block now (Heard it's on)Niggas front, they gettin' knocked out (Word is bond)When you pump, you gotta work til the bird is goneI love a low, but your ho in a dirty thongCuz I'm a crazy nigga (and)Keep it gravy nigga (and)She wanna fuck with me, but need a babysitter, listen upI drive home, switchin' lanes, still twistin' upIn the club getcha witcha one, c'mon getcha cupI feel the hate on my back when it's inchin' upI got the eight on my back so I wish 'em luckAnd it don't matter if you're black or white, hermaphroditeSlip, it's a rap toniteI give it all for the cause, for the sacrificeFor my dogs cuz we after lifeMake noise[Chorus]Make noise in the streetsFor the fellas and freaksIn the club with the thugsInhalin' the weedWhen you see somethin' niceAnd you ready to leaveTell me what you know about (What you know about this)Everyday we be ready to playCallin' shorty to the cribShe be ready to stayI'm a pimp by bloodMakin' all of 'em payTell me what you know about (What you know about this)[Verse 2]The first CL5 with four doorsAnd it's on, the female's eyes is like dogIt even got a fridge and a toaster in itLike every time I'm in the hoodI be approached in itNo surprise to the hoodWhen my soldiers in itEvery nigga on my team is a co-defendantI be, team captain, call me the coach (Nature)If things happen, call me the locAnd I'll be right thereLike the black knight, minus the jokes (Get a feelin')Y'all invited to smokeWhat's the dealy with the ladies that be doin' it right, likeFuck a car, comin' through on a bike, likeSnowflakes, no two is alike, rightIt's OK, we can do it toniteAnd if you can't do it good then it won't be doneThe one and only, the only oneNow make noise[Chorus][Verse 3]Drinks in the air, bottles on usNiggas ain't partyin', probably on dustBitches knock it off, somebody gon' touchTellin' all ya friends we party all roughWe Queensbridge niggas don't like to dance (Do we)Comin' out the club, fightin' for cabs (Do we)Fight the bouncers, light the hash and ???Stay away, if ya face look like the cootiesOtherwise you can tell me ya name and imageWhere you be, where you work and explain the businessWhat ya check say, roastin' itBlack jack be the game, betta know what to betWhen I reach for the thang, betta know when to jetGot a decent little team, you ain't notice it yet?You never know when you're chasin' the dough, chasin' the hoesLaid back nigga full of gangsta soul[Chorus]All day everydayIn the streets and the clubsWild GremlinzNuthin' but gangstas (What you know about this)Hustlas, pimps, hoesSmell me, ya understandFa sheezy