Represent Me Testo

Testo Represent Me

Yo, they don't know how Next is gonna comeDivine style in 9-7 ya'llSo get ready, check it outOne timeOne time, ah ah ah for your mindYeah, check this outListen babyGirl what were you thinkingWhen you ran down on meTryin' to blow the spotFor all of your girls to seeAll up in this placeWith your hands in my faceWhat's that all aboutCan we talk it out babeI gotta let you know how it isAnd where I'm coming fromSo you can see where we're atI'll never disrupt your flowEven when you're hanging with your little old friendsAnd that's a factBaby, come on lets get it rightWe been together too long and I don't wanna fightSo take a sip on this styleBaby, be strong cuz I know you didn't mean it[1] - I don't really mindWhen you're hangingWith your girlfriendsRepresentingBecause you represent meAnd I don't really mind when you're dancingOn the dance floor with anotherBecause I know I'm representedT-Low..See there's no need for me to beHaving feelings of insecurityTell me what the drama meanI thought that you were down on my teamWhen you and your crew go on the townI know how your girlfriends be getting downSee there's no need for me to worryCuz I know you're down for meYou're everything that I need babyIf you don't know me by nowI doubt that you will ever knowAbout my flowI gotta get my point across to ya somehowAnd make sure we have an understandingAll I wanna do is make you happySo put down your guns and won't you let meBe the one at night you're coming home toYou're everything I want, you're everything I need[Repeat 1]It's alright if ya wanna go kickin'You're all mine and I know you're representedIt's alrightIt's alright if ya wanna go kickin'You're all mine and I know you're representedIt's alright[Repeat 1 until fade]