Backwards Drums Testo

Testo Backwards Drums

I'm A Sucker For Backwards Drums

I'm a sucker for backwards drums
And underwater photography
If you expect me to fight this war
And ignore
That I've a thing for six-foot tall boys
And getting high till we see the sun
If I'm to give up my drugs and boys
Then I'll run
And I won't return until

At last, the barbarism's gone
It's lasted for so long
And the dark ages are behind us
Until the kings' fat heads all roll
And their thick black blood will flow
And the golden age is upon us

I'll stand up to the actors
Who play the parts of our masters
'Action! Now ride off into the distance.'
You ask 'What's my motivation?'
'How about your fucking head on a stick?
Now get moving!'

I'm a lover, not a fighter