Evolve Into Nothing Testo

Testo Evolve Into Nothing

I pledge allegiance to the fags, the immigrants, the drunks,
The disenfranchised punks, hidden by rags
And there's no such thing as god, for if there was,
He'd be lost in obscurity where he belongs

We are children of space and crustaceans
All our extremities licked by flames of the sun
Raised underwater by ice-dwelling mammals
Schooled in a network of nerves, untied and undone
We emerge unscathed, never looking back to wonder how
Betrothed, betrayed, never having figured out
You're so much more than the sum of the family you're from
And the circumstances which you grew up around
And if there really is a truth, then you'll never get your head around it

My father crawled on the floor of the ocean
The son of shit-tons of atoms swirling around
My mother slept in the wake of a comet
Catching on fire and slamming into the ground

Someday when we've all evolved back to nothing
We'll spend our whole life exploding under the stars
With even less of a real understanding
That this incredible journey was actually ours