Hit Me Slim Testo

Testo Hit Me Slim

Ayo... N-O What up baby this NAS..
Chilling nigga, chilling in Barbados you know mean!
Yo man I heard you working on the album
Man, I know that shit is going down crazy man
You know you got to smash niggas man...
You know how we do this shit here...
Got to the damn thing, but yo get at me man...
Hit me back man
Know waht I'm saying
Hitm e up slim and let's do this ......iight

Yo NORE wassup
It's ice baby, you know what I'm saying
Pimps up you know what I'm saying...
World renowned, internationally known locally accepted
I heard you, know what they saying
Y'all kats is licking shoot's out there man
You know don't even do that man
Don't even waste no bullets on them buster's man
They got the rap cops on us nowadays man
That shit's a joke really man
Hit a real pimp back man
Cause if they want to get down man I'm with you nigga, westcoast nigga
Yeah hit me back slim

NORE what up man this Mike Kyser from Defjam
Heard you just finishing up that album boy
I heard you got two joints with Swizz, two joints with teh Neptunes
Heard you shit is hot man
Welcome to Defjam welcome to the fam baby
I can't wait to work this project man
I'm ready to take this shit to radio baby...
Let's do this you in the N.B.A.
Now baby, you ain't fucking with the other labels now
You fuckcing with Defjam now boy...
You in the N.B.A
Let's do this nigga...out one time slime, hit me up slim, hit me up slim
Yo what up baby, this your folks man, Nelly! Man I'm in the S-T-L Man
But I heard you was bout to start on the album folk
And what I need you to do is holla at me iight..
Yo why don't you return my ol' school too man!
It's been like a fucking week man
You been swerving my shit for like a week, you know them N.Y. streets hard, bumpy and shit man..
I don't like my T's out there
On that shit man...iight return my shit man
And holla at your boy iight and get at me slim