Live My Life Testo

Testo Live My Life

Yeah, yeah niggaz, it's n-o-rezy
This what I'm talking about right here niggaz
This what I needed "this is what I needed nigga"
This is the shit I wanted right here niggaz
"This the nahsumeanuheard......... nahsumeanuheard
It's off the yellsobob "it's off the yellsobob for real"
Goin to live my life man
Stop hating on us.."rule holla at these fools"

I love me.. I'm going live my life...hey
Thug life.. love to know me, same life, same love, same man
I'm going live my life hey.. thug life
Lord you know me

Verse 1
So what you thinking I'm supposed to live in the hood my whole damn life
And get married on the ave. with my damn wife
I'm going live my life...and she goin live her life
And we goin be iight
So shit I send a kite
To my niggaz in jail, and tell them niggaz we good once n-o sell.
And to my street niggaz, we done flipped out and beat niggaz
I made the loudest niggaz, turn discreet niggaz
As far as these chicks they loving the pipe
An she don't even like you, one thug in her life
See, she want nigga that's goin walk the hood with her
And niggaz try and front on her
Shit so stress, I can see it in her face
But she walking down the block
But with me feel safe
And then niggaz won't front, have them dudes erased
It go...


You see I'm a vet nigga
And I could take you to school
And it's my fifth album
Bout to quit like room's
So go ahead and try it
It just don't match, and your man hate that
Cause y'all just don't match
Got my gun on me
And I could walk you upstairs
Till you get inside the crib girl, I ain't scared
And tell your man don't be come outside
Cause the m-unit drop fronters
I'm a make the nigga run outside
See I'm a thug for real, I hold the steel
I could walk you through the hood on the darkest hill
You see she love nore, plus any nigga like me
Driving in the drop with a ten cent icy
Shit she want a thug that's basically
You see she scared in the projects
But she safe with me
Shit n-o-r to the e
Spinout at ninety, I'm hard with the v
It go...

Ayo good green, but to get some valley sip
I'm on the westcoast fucking with my cali bitch
And she always want some in the night and the morning
Want to know everywhere, where I'm performing
A shit but it alright just let her ride..
Yo she down with a nigga, just let her ride
See I'm going live my life, and she goin live her life



See we just trying to live our life.
We living our life
We not even paying attention to y'all dudes man.
Talking about your paper, I ain't ask you how much money you got homeboy chillout man.
Word up we just living our life doing our thing thugged out militainment.
Thugged out militainment you underdig.
Let's get it percolating in the namsermeanuheard popped off popping off, jump jumped off.
Off the yellsubob for real
Get them condoms nigga.
Yeah tonight put the henny away night, we goin drink that crystal shit, that don perion shit.
Nah nah put the smirnoff away, we not drinking the smirnoff not tonight.
None of that shit, put the fifty-cent beer away baby.
We going drink that expensive shit tonight, yeah we going be hollyhood, hollyhood tonight baby.
IRV gotti good looking my nigga.
Rule-ski where you at baby we doing it up thugged out militainment.
We drinking that expensive shit, we partying tonight come with us niggaz
I'm going live my life