It's Christmas Testo

Testo It's Christmas

Ohhh, it's ChristmasOhhhhhhh ahhhhhhI'm so glad that you came my wayFrom a million starsHere you areI swear your love is mineSomehow I knew that you were made for meI can't believe that my wish came trueI'll never let ya go babyChorus:People are celebrating all throughout the worldAnd that's what we gonna do tonightCuz we got so much, so much love to shareOhhh, It's ChristmasAnd we'll share a love just like we did last yearOhhh, It's ChristmasAnd you know I'm gonna be right hereAnd still my heart belongs to you and only youMerry Christmas darlin'Let us share the joy of love tonightGirl, when tonight's may come and goWe're still dancing slowCan't you hear my song?The song I sing for youYes, I sing for youChorusI'm gonna be right there for youYou should know by now it's trueI'm not gonna leavehorusAnd I wish you such a nice ChristmasAnd a merry Christmas to allMerry Christmas to the world