Evaridae Testo

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Testo Evaridae

Check, just the thought of me fillin that spot make rappers cringe
I be the dope in the syringe that make 'em nod when I walk past
Yo sand in the hourglass runnin out from '94 'til now
They still ask when I'm comin out
Respect held without the platinum portfolio
I'm lyrical and still lethal as polio
Past the stage of cars and Roleys and hoes
I left Ohio one step below the holy ghost
[Chorus x2: sung]
Why must I prove to y'all
that I'm on my job and it ain't no thang?
(It be a gift from God) I'm shinin my light
like ev-ery-day (everyday)

Yo, frankly speakin I'm one of the best with rhyme and reason
All season is force, lyrical prophets misleadin y'all heathens
Demons, straight fire breathin
They actions mischievous - what beef nigga? You vegan
I'm a loyalist and no man on earth can he spoil this
I go hard no matter how thick turmoil is
Enjoyin this life, the only one I got to live
When blessed to give I receive twice in return
That's a gift in itself, but not selfish
I admit I indulge and spoil myself, but who doesn't?
Yet I always put God first, second be my health
Wanted the same for fam, now that's humungous wealth

Check, yo
Diehards get it while the rest want the bullshit
Look elsewhere for nonsense, I'm not that
Never sellin my soul for sickness, witness
becomin of a new beginnin, dickheads, misled ya misled
Find ways to cleans yo'self, look deep within yo'self
I recommend you break yo'self
And rebuild from the inside out and take a good look
Whether you jewish or christian or a muslim
I'm doin the same, the sin is in my veins
I wonder if I perform a transfusion will it drain?
Fight through the pain despite knowin the game
My life's been like a roller coaster ride weighin my brain