Who Run It? (Remix) Testo

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Testo Who Run It? (Remix)

Yeah... who run it?
Yeah yeah yeah yeh yep yep!
Who run it? ["Phenomenal Moses of rap"]
["O.C."] ["The name alone holds Godly!"]
Who run it? ["Phenomenal Moses of rap"]
["O.C."] Turn the beat up a little more

Who run it? O, fa' sho, pit any rapper against me
In they chest I blow a motherfuckin hole
Flow sorta like slow draggin the blunt smoke
Inhale then blow out O's of nostrils
God I mastered the art of this, smashin you novices
I tell you what the problem is, Mush equal dominance
You gonorrhea, need a shot of penicillin in your rear
Niggaz ain't, burnin SHIT over here
Trust me, you need more than balls to be boss over
Toss over your name is mud homes your reign's over
Drunk flow at the same time sober
A-Side cobra, B-Side squeeze like a boa (pour wine)
'Til my gettin A display run on
'Bout to make Miles drop it or I make history
It's this day I take a step up to legendary
Never mind the rest, O.C.'s very necessary

["Phenomenal"] poet ["Phenomenal"] teacher
["Phenomenal Moses of rap"] Who run it?

["Phenomenal Moses of rap"]
["O.C."] ["The name alone holds Godly!"]

Uhh, yo
You feel it's weak what I say, hey tough titty
Mush must admit he prove a point in a New York minute
Still mentionin my name, still in the trench of the game
Still do a joint venture if they give a offer pay it
Thought orbit like a rocket O sittin in the cockpit
Me plus poetry finesse equal profits
Invadin your metropolis, Doc Octopus with shades
Eight bars times two, who gon' stop this?
My sixth day laid back, at the same time
Address it whether on ProTools or ADAT
Any doubts towards me bet yo' ass I change that
Pen or sword I trace a O on your frame black
ASAP to my benefit I feed off the ridicule
He cop to spit at you, he 'bout to get at you
Tough talk turn tame now duke's political
It's funny how, steel turn the bold to the beautiful

["Phenomenal Moses of rap"] ["O.C."]
["Phenomenal Moses of rap"] Who run it?
["Phenomenal"] poet ["Phenomenal"] teacher
["Phenomenal Moses of rap"] Who run it?
["Phenomenal Moses of rap.. Mo, Mo, Moses of rap"] Who run it?
["Phenomenal Moses of rap"]
["O.C."] ["The name alone holds Godly!"]

Yo, all aboard train 'bout to leave the platform
Fans ask for him, many trips overseas just to rap for 'em
So many rappers in the battle got they ass torn
Very few admit they've partaken in my crash course
At last the underground king once more
Will induce labor able for a son or daughter born
O brought many along this road yellow brick
Nowadays generation don't recognize SHIT
Third lung carry second wind, no mistake or punch
A crack in my voicebox locks on point
Think it write it spit it got it with the rhythm in sync
Failsafe raps fire when horsetowns I trailblaze
Sick with it, lyrics lick with acid
Shapely tasteful bad like Angela Bassett
Pass that lit, inebriated and hand that
Soon available on vinyl, CD and cassette

[more ad libbed scratching]